Saturday, October 11, 2014

Catching up on some news.....

I didn't realize it had been so long since I had posted. December 2014 will be seven years since my liver transplant. Everything is going well, my two medicines are now generic, my cost is only $6.00 a month. I now have a one-year old granddaughter to spoil and take pictures of. We see her about twice a week, and she seems to grow in between visits. I will start in April to collect a little of the money I have contributed for the last forty-eight years to Uncle Sam. I might just find a new little sports car to cover the streets of Atlanta. The jury is still out on that one (I hear from the peanut gallery). Keep the faith, be good to your family, make friends for the present and the future and we'll see you on the flip side.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Heaven vs. Hell - Which One Have You Chosen?

I was wondering, not having seen either heaven or hell, how to describe them in marketing lingo. I have decided on these two slogans...Heaven: Pre-paid unlimited sky miles...Hell: The ultimate non-refundable late fee. If you go to heaven, it's not because of anything you have done except receive Jesus Christ as your personal savior. You can't work hard enough, give enough money, or depend on who your parents are. Salvation is the ultimate personal decision, everyone has to make it for themselves. On the other hand, the decision on hell is yours too. All you have to do is nothing, not to make the decision to accept Jesus as the sacrifice for sin. This plan of salvation was put into place long before Jesus was born, He was the perfect lamb, slain from the foundation of the world. We were born into sin because of the original sin from the garden of Eden, but God already had a plan. When Jesus was on the cross, He cried "It is finished". That did not mean He finally died, it meant "the plan" was finished, the plan to bring mankind back into fellowship with the Father. Heaven or hell, have you chosen yet?

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Orlando Holy Land Experience

I have sent two audition DVD's to Orlando for possible employment at the Holy Land Experience operated by the Trinity Broadcast Network. I have done numerous plays and musicals at the various churches I have attended over the last thirty years. I am also working on a program using Wolfman Jack's voice to tell the story of the life and ministry of Jesus. It is a bit unusual but the premise is a brand new convert, ex disc jockey giving his unique observation of the New Testament account of the miracles and travels of "JC of Galilee". The working title of the story is "Consider The Price". I hope I can tell this story and perform in some of the other productions as well. I am looking forward to hearing from Orlando soon.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Every Day On The Green Side of Grass Is A Good Day

It's been two and a half years since my liver transplant and everything is going well, my medicine levels are good, my glucose readings are good, I have lots of energy and haven't missed a day since going back to work in March of 2008. Irma and I do speak occasionally at local churches, and have recently been invited to do bilingual services at two Portuguese churches in the Marietta area. I am always humbled when someone calls to invite us to speak at their church. I always wonder what my subject should be for a particular occasion at a particular church...but by the time comes to go, we always have our answer and people comment on how it was what they needed at that time in their life with what they had been going through or questions they had been asking, or direction in decisions that were facing them in the near future. I am always amazed at God's direction in these situations, but then again I'm not amazed at the results He brings. We have had multiple testimonies that it was a just what people needed and they were glad their pastor had called us. In the Kingdom of God, there are no coincidences, just servants obeying the voice of God for a particular time. It's fun to watch, and especially fun to be a part of it.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Big 6-0

         Yes, I finally made it to my 60th sure beats the alternative (not making it to my 60th birthday).  With the new liver working properly, I have more energy than I know what to do with.  Irma does keep me pretty busy though, wives have a way to do that don't they?  I am enjoying my days off from Costco, going with her to Ellijay and Dalton while she is doing transports for kids going to the doctor, seeing their parents for supervised visits, etc.
         My 96 Nissan truck just went over 200,000 miles so we are both doing well, looking out for each other.  New tires from Costco with nitrogen in them, regular oil changes, a wash job every six get the picture.  I bought it from a lady at Gulfstream Aerospace in Savannah when it had 43,000 miles so I have driven it for 157,000 over the last eleven years.  It runs good, idles at 900 rpm, and it's PAID FOR!  My life has been pretty good, now that I look back on it.
I hope to celebrate my 70th, 80th, 90th, and 100th.  Hey, Bob Hope and George Burns did it, so why not me?

Saturday, June 28, 2008

We're Back In Marietta

We spent two months in Ozark working with the Children's Department at Glory To Him Church and met some of the most gracious people you could ever hope to worship with. We helped train the volunteers there and left reams of material for the department to use. Irma helped design a new check in/check out and safety procedure for this rapidly growing church. Bishop Scott Hannen has recruited many new workers for this expanding part of the church and new facilities are being planned to accomodate the increasing crowd of nursery, pre-school and grade school children. Irma will be assisting in their continuing training in the coming months. We are seeking God's perfect plan for our lives now that both of us are back in Marietta. Keep us in your prayers for our continued service to the Kingdom.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Brand New Citizens of Ozark, Alabama

Well, we finally made it to Ozark, AL for our first service there with the children's ministry. Bishop Scott and Pastor Aneesa Hannen welcomed us officially before the full congregation and the response was incredible.  Irma and I want to thank Matt and Holly Mendenhall for doing such a good job with Children's Church until we could arrive.  If you look up "choice servant" in the dictionary, their picture will be there.  We look forward to being a part of the growth and vision that God has given to the leadership at Glory To Him church.  I am thrilled, honored, and awed by the opportunity to work with such gifted and anointed ministers and congregation.  We trust that God will continue to use us as we labor in His vineyard.  The church website is: 

When you are visiting L.A. (Lower Alabama) come by and see us.  We are one mile from the gate of Ft. Rucker, located at 6193 Andrews Avenue in Ozark.  It might not show it on the map, but this is God Country.